Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Writing a thesis = writing a novel.

Today i met with my mentor to get some ideas about my research, mostly sharing a feeling, her experiences, comments and critics..I'm really worried about my proposal's presentation next week..seems like i've lost an ideas to write, to think, to read..and lots of things stuck in my mind..so..i need to talk and explain and share with someone..

She said "writing a thesis is like writing a novel..how u want to make ur readers keeps on their eyes reading enthusiastically of what u've written..they can feel the momentum of each chapters, as they continuing read and evaluate, by the end of the chapters they agreed and satisfied with the result.."

I agreed with her. Its about how u want to tell them ur story.I'm sure as u want to write u have to read a lot and u should know the plots of the story. Nobody knows what on ur mind, what u have done..the 3 years (or maybe more) process of struggling, hardworking, sadness and happiness, waiting to prove in 20 minutes of viva presentation..

Its a tough journey..congratulation to whom throughout successfully ..hopefully i'm always have a passion, courages and determination to continue this journey..may Allah bless and always beside me..


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