Sunday, January 11, 2009

Components of a Healthy Couple Relationship

Last 2 days, i went to USM, attended a workshop about Adlerian Brief Couple Therapy. Very interesting workshop and energetic presenter. As a starting he point out a question "How you define a healthy couple?". "What does a satisfying relationship look like?".

So, Carlson and Dinkmeyer (2003) highlighted 10 components that are present in couples who have satisfying relationship.

1. They individually accept responsibility and develop self-esteem.
2. They choose to encourage each other.
3. They identify and align their relationship goals.
4. They communicate their feelings with honesty and openness.
5. They listen emphatically whens feelings are being expressed.
6. They seek to understand the factors that influence their relationship.
7. They demonstrate that they accept and value each other.
8. They choose thoughts, word, and actions that support the positive goals of the
9. They solve relational conflicts.
10.They commit themselves to the ongoing process of maintaining an equal

Many couples seem to know what is wrong and what to avoid but need to be as clear about what works and what creates satisfaction.


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