Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding Love at This Age

My heart tells me to keep looking, while my head says why I need to be rush..Sometimes it makes me crazy sometimes its makes me optimist..It's tough to be alone at this age actually..There is so many things coming up in my mind..sometime its negative then suddenly it could turn positive when my heart say "Don't worry dear, one fine day you will found the right person. Be patient..again.."

Critically, I'm asking myself: just who am I looking for? Well, most of women have a shopping list of qualities we look for in man. And no one says you should "settle" for any man without considering his character. Same as me..Way back 5 years ago, I've long list of characteristic for a guy that I'm looking for. But now, being too strict about my love list may be keeping me from finding love. Lately, I knew what I'm looking for..and it's makes me happy for it..

Right now, its not just to find a love but also a soulmate. Noted to myself, Internet is not for losers..Its broaden the choices...At this age, I just keep an open mind - think positive, put faithfull to God, enjoy what I'm doing, appreciate people around me, grab a chances and believe that love can be just around the corner...Let's experiences light up my amazing journey..


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